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I open my door to the deep, smoky smell of rain...rain that follows me everywhere...falling into the collar of my coat, tickling my neck and ears.

Winter, with it's many greys and long nights, makes me dream of color...the scarlet and ruby of Indian saris and exotic spices...the gold of the early morning just as the fog rolls away to let an insistent sun lead the day...and the green of my garden, waking up from a long winter...stretching, and rolling over for a last few weeks of sleep.

These are the colors that inspire and delight! Colors that can make neckties whimsical, witty and unforgettable.

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MR Cover, September 1999: SPRING 2000's New Modern
"SPRING 2000's New Modern

A season that will be defined by it's effortless, yet whimsical styling. It's bold prints... casual... modern... sometimes sexy and always easy. kimerasmy for Eat Your Spinach shadow blue and silver silk gingham tie."

A Shot in the Arm

Kim Erasmy/Eat your Spinach
"We need to get younger guys excited about ties. Instead of trying to get them into stores where ties are sold, we should get ties into stores where they shop, and raise the awareness that ties are cool, and funky. Nomads, a hip young men's store in San Francisco, carried all streetwear. They trie dour ties and they worked well. We need to show fresh color combinations, like rust, lime and purple, mint and olive or mint and burgundy. Young men want to express themselves by being unconventional. We need to show them that they can with ties. "
Cover MR, May 99

Cover NR


It's all about finding that special item that combines function, fashion, and a bit of fun...

EAT YOUR SPINACH by KIM ERASMY's box print silk tie"

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Inside Article and Picture NR

"As unpredictable as it's name, Eat Your Spinach neckwear, by California designer Kim Erasmy evoked a true retro flavor with pattern that look as if they've just leapt off a 1970 suburban kitchen wall."
Cover MR

Cover MODA San Fransisco
"Eat your Spinach manufactures fine men's ties. The pedigree of designer Kim Erasmy-Murphy is very impressive. She graduated from Parson's School of Design in Paris where she was awarded the Best Men's designer of the Year. She went on to work for Sonia Rykiel Homme. Kim and her business partner husband travel to Como, Italy, to print their designs. The first collection can be seen at Nomads at 566 Hayes Street."

"Kim Erasmy-Murphy and Garret Murphy, owners of fledging neckwear manufacturer Eat Your Spinach, debut their first collections of ties for Spring "98. Since this duo met in Paris and now live and work in Napa, Calif., the design philosophy of their company embodies European style and American sensibility. The new line of ties includes prints and wovens that retail from $54-$68. Colors include earth tones, brilliant reds and deep eggplant purples in small floral, box and dot patterns."
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